Consulting Services

SBC Renewables offer a comprehensive range of consulting services

Encompassing a wide range of skills from running training programmes through to design for PV installations.
Complimentary services available include engineering, finance and project development.

These services are provided by our team of in-house professionals and in certain cases external contractors.
Headline consulting services include:
 Site Evaluation
 Rooftop and field layout design from kW to multi MW arrays
 Appraisal of roof structure and determination of best mounting solutions
 Wind loading calculations
 Topographical and geological survey work and analysis
• DC and AC electrical system design
 Yield including the latest modelling data and comprehensive shading analysis
 Environmental impact assessments
• Audit work on supply chain (e.g. from polysilicon to cells & module fabrication)
 Due diligence work on snagging / testing / handover / commissioning of large plants
The tools routinely used by SBC as part of delivering these services include:
Design / Survey Related:
Helios 3D
 Google SketchUp Pro
 Google Earth Pro
 OS Mapping Services
• Hypsometer
• Horizon capture software

Test and Audit Related:
 Arc detection devices for fault detection in strings
 I/V curve measuring equipment
• Megger and Voltmeter devices
 Meteorological equipment
 Remote monitoring equipment

Here at SBC Renewables we offer a very transparent service to give our clients confidence that we are delivering the best value service to the highest standards.

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