SBC Renewables Ltd (SBC) industry leadership carries with it an ethical responsibility to all of our clients, landowners and stakeholders.

We recognise that due to the nature of our operations, SBC is subject to a wide variety of national and local environmental statutes, regulations and policies. It is the policy of SBC to observe both the letter and the spirit of environmental laws and regulations.

It is our intention to effectively manage and improve our environmental performance and minimise the impacts of our business on the environment. We are committed to doing this by driving continual environmental improvement.

Accordingly, SBC strives to:

  • Seek biodiversity mitigation plans for all our large scale ground solar parks.
  • Improve all ecology in and around our offices and solar parks.
  • Inform contractors and consultants of our environmental policy and encourage them to operate to similar standards.
  • Seek maximum environmental gain for minimum environmental impact in all that we do.
  • Continually reduce our own environmental impact.
  • Take into account ethical and social issues, biodiversity and sustainability when making all strategic and operational decisions.
  • Obtain the necessary environmental permits or proper authority in the execution of any instructions.
  • Not falsify or unlawfully withhold information from anybody entitled to such information.
  • Keep the appropriate records as required by any applicable regulation.
  • Minimise energy consumption and its associated CO2 emissions.

We recognise that we have an opportunity and responsibility to demonstrate best working practice to clients, landowners and other organisations and individuals that we encounter in the course of our work. We’ll make sure that everyone working for SBC aspires to the same high standards we set for our business.

By publishing this we´re making our commitment public.
This Policy will be reviewed annually.
James Steynor
Managing Director
January 2014


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