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Charter on large scale solar deployment

  1. Enhancing biodiversity
    • Appropriate development and maintenance of the highly controlled area of a PV Park lends itself to enhancing both Flora and Fauna.
    • This commitment extends to the protection of endangered species and the management of the area to encourage the growth of indigenous flora with emphasis on endangered varieties.
    • This applies in areas of intense farming to mitigate the decline in hedgerows and such like. Equally to brown field sites that would otherwise be of limited value to the biodiversity in the surrounding area.

  2. Mitigate visual impact
    • Solar Parks can raise many concerns ranging from glint and glare to the look of the panels themselves. We undertake to effectively screen the Park with a particular emphasis on dwellings closest to the Park boundary.
    • The appropriate screening will be applied and managed throughout the lifetime of the PV Park.
    • In conservation areas we will ensure that the Park does not impact on the area as a whole and screen using appropriate indigenous (to that area) plantings to blend into the surrounding landscape.

  3. Community engagement
    • We will consult with the local community ahead of planning and take into account issues raised in an open and constructive way.
    • Appropriate community benefits will be included that enhance the sense of community and generate a real long term benefit in close partnership with the appropriate community representatives.
    • We will encourage the local community to appoint a committee of interested parties to engage with us throughout the planning and construction stages.

  4. Custodians of the land
    • Where appropriate, local representatives will be engaged to participate in the stewardship of the land throughout the Parks lifetime.
    • A community contact point into the Park operation management throughout the life of the Park to ensure operational issues and concerns are appropriately addressed.
    • At the end of the lifetime of the solar park, we will ensure that structures and systems are all removed in a controlled and environmentally sensitive manor to enhance the lands continued use.

















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