PVOverRoof™ eliminates the fixing issues associated with traditional hanger bolts. PVOverRoof™ works on fibre-cement (and older asbestos–cement) roofs and roof sheet suppliers have fully endorsed it.

The key to PVOverRoof™ is a structure that only connects to the building’s rafters. A series of sturdy aluminium beams bridge between the rafters that directly support the PV modules. The small number of rafter mounting points are fitted with a flashing system eliminating any chance of leaks in these areas with the remaining roof surface left untouched.

The PV modules are suspended above the roof surface (typically 250mm) thus module cooling is maximised. This, along with a module spacing of 20mm, ensures any existing transparent roof panels still maintain a reasonable light level in the building. If a roof sheet needs replacing local removal of a module could not be easier. Only the specific area local to a sheet needs to be removed. There is no need to strip out a large area as typically applies when using a hanger bolt/rail type solution. The final installation meets all UK snow and wind loading requirements (subject to a building survey and, if required, frame strengthening). PVOverRoof™ also solves any loading problems with timber purlins or lightweight zed purlins.

With PVOverRoof™ you can enjoy all the benefits of PV on your roof without in any way compromising the integrity or life span of your roof - it can even be argued using PVOverRoof™ extends the life of the roof. This solution maintains your roof sheet guarantee and bankability and insurance are a given.
Key benefits of PVOverRoof™

  • The solution for fibre-cement (and asbestos-cement) clad roofs
  • Minimal disruption to roof surface; retains roof sheet warranty
  • Direct mounting onto rafters removes loading issues on purlins
  • Optimum spacing between roof and modules increases PV output
  • UK snow and wind loading compliant (subject to building suitability/strengthening)
  • Simplifies roof maintenance
  • Bankable and insurable
  • Meets MCS012 criterian



PVOverRoof Series II Brochure

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