Registering your site for Project Assessment

If you have a site you feel would be well suited to a Solar Farm, please fill out the details below and we'll contact you to discuss.

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Site Details

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Unknown Greenfield
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Are there any utility services (gas, water, sewerage, telecoms and electricity cables) crossing the proposed site? If so please give details right in 'Additional notes'. *Thank you for filling in these details, we will contact you as soon as possible.

What makes a good site...

For Ground Mount (Solar Farms)
Minimum 15 Acres
Not within the following designations:
• National Park
• Nature Reserve
Not in agricultural land grade ALC1
Land not unduly overlooked
Flat land or predominantly South facing
Ideally limited trees or hedges to the South
Land not liable to flooding
Land not visible from a large conurbation
Land available for 26 years minimum
For Onroof (Roof mounted)
Minimum roof area required is 5,000 sq mtrs
Roof ideally south facing without any shading
Roof available for 21 years minimum

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